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The sultana are a considerable concentration of dietary fiber, mineral salts and different phenolic substances. In particular, the large quantity of fiber contained is really good to prevent constipation.


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The sultana is a cultivar of ancient origins. It’s assumed to originate from a region of south-western Asia and to have later spread in eastern Mediterranean. It’s a vigorous grapevine with little fruitfulness on basal buds, which needs a long pruning, fresh and deep soils and warm climates.

The other names are: Kish Mish (Iran), Couforogò (Greece),  Thompson seedless (USA) and Uva de Pasa (Uruguay).

Sultana grapes can be eaten raw, but they can also be used to produce juices, distillates and obviously raisins. The berry is small, ellipsoidal, yellow or golden and it contains a crunchy and sweet pulp. Its skin is thin with little bloom and is easy to swallow.

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