Dried prunes pitted

Dried prunes pitted


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The principal features of the dried prunes pitted is that laxative, their assumption is a good method to prevent the constipation. 


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Description :

Dried prunes pitted are the fruits of the plant domestic Prunus, a belonging tree to the family of the Rosacees. We can find it in commerce both fresh that shoals, even if this last ones they have a concentration of substances with features superior antioxidants to those fresh. This plant is indifferently cultivated some in Europe and in the Usa, where, the most famous and diffused, is surely that Californian, whose ownership and benefits are universally known. The varieties are very numerous and their peel can have different colors that go from the yellow to the purplish red. If you consume fresh they are called plums while if you consume shoals they are called plums.

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