Hazelnut flour

Hazelnut flour


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Hazelnut flour are rich in dietary fibers, which prevent constipation and reduce the risk of colonic neoplasia, hazelnut flour is good for intestinal bacterial flora and modulates the captation of intestinal nutrients.


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Hazelnut flour are the fruit of an arboreous plant that belongs to the family Betulaceae, Genus Corylus, Species avellana; the binomial nomenclature of the hazel is Corylus avellana. This medium-sized tree has toothed, heart-shaped leaves. It grows spontaneously in wooded areas with mild climates, especially on hills.

Hazelnut flour have a round or oval shape and different dimensions (depending on the variety, but they’re always smaller than walnuts); they have an outer shell (wooden pericarp) which protects a crunchy and edible seed. Their colour is green when they’re unripe and brown when they’re ripe and spontaneously fall out of trees. The seed has a fibrous brown skin that can be removed before cooking; without this skin, the seed is whitish.


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