Fried salted corn

Fried salted corn


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Salt corn contains a good quantity of potassium and iron. As for vitamins, the water-soluble thiamine (vitamin B1) and the less bioavailable niacin (vitamin PP) stick out. There are also small concentrations of retinol (vitamin A).


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Fried salted corn is a herbaceous plant that belongs to the family Poaceae, subfamily Panicoideae, Genus Zea, Species mays; its binomial nomenclature is Zea mays. Since it’s part of the family Gramineae (or Poaceae) and it produces starchy seeds, it can be considered as a cereal, just like wheat, barley, rice, rye, oats, sorghum and millet (which belong to the family Gramineae), but also like buckwheat, quinoa and amaranth (sometimes called pseudocereals because they belong to different families). Them seeds are eaten by both humans and animals. They’re also used to produce starch, oil, alcohol and fuel gas. There are different industrial uses of corn.


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