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Cashews Liberi Roasted nuts with no added salt contain less fats than the other types of dried fruit. They also contain oleic acid, a healthy substance for both the heart and blood vessels.


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Cashews Liberi Roasted nuts with no added salt, are to taste with no regrets. An infinite choice of dried and dehydrated fruit and snacks that satisfies all kinds of wishes without exceeding 5g of salt per day, as advised by the World Health Organization.

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    Peanuts Liberi Roasted nuts with no added salt supply the organism with a good quantity of fibers and mineral salts, including zinc, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, magnesium and copper.


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    Almonds Liberi Roasted Nuts with no added salt by Vincenzo Caputo Srl are high in magnesium, calcium and iron.


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    Pistachios Liberi Roasted nuts with no added salt have antioxidant properties. They also abound in in tocopherol, vitamin E and carotenoids.